Emma Cameron

A performer by training, Emma followed up her degree in Drama with a number of high profile producer roles. Creating content for clients like Nike, Jaguar, and Oakley, Emma has enjoyed excellent working relations with public figures in the acting world, from Rosanna Arquette, Mark Myers and Jane Seymour to Harrison Ford.

Given her contacts in LA, Emma has naturally transitioned to high-level corporate work and now produces content for a wide range of companies. Highlights have included working with US Olympic Gold medalists Misty May, Kerri Walsh and Lebron James - it is the relationships forged along the way that have led to Emma's success. Emma is wholeheartedly dedicated to her clients needs and their creative vision. It is this personal 'all out' service that sets her work apart.

Emma's love for creating video is a very collaborative process. Getting the best out of people and letting the technical aspect of creating the video enhance the subject matter is key. Understanding that quality should never be compromised.  Emma's commercial work with Nike, Oakley and Jaguar have helped her develop a team and create a camera package needed to produce stunning high end videos.

With many years experience of filming interviews and case studies Emma brings to the table an approach that will help the subject feel free and uninhibited to speak freely and confidently about themselves and their experience. Emma's number one goal is that the person talking on camera comes across confident, capable and most importantly genuine. Please check out the videos and feel free to reach out with any questions.